Left Image: April sits on the arm of her couch while smiling for the camera. She is wearing a black gingham knotted headband, a white sweater, and black pleather pants. Right Image: April stands with her two daughters in front of their white garage door. To the right is a flocked and decorated Christmas Tree.

Hi there, I'm April !

handmade accessories for magical adventures

We are a small, mama-owned shop whose hope is that each piece sparks imagination, magic, and most importantly confidence. No matter the adventure, big or small, real or imaginative - each piece is created with the wish that every little girl knows just how extraordinary she is! That SHE is the true maker of magic!

Tulip + Olive was founded in 2014 as a felt flower crown shop out of desperation to break up the monotony of being a stay at home mama to twin baby girls. When founder and creator, April Luongo, became pregnant with her son, she went on an extended three year hiatus from creating. Ready to return in 2018, April was amazed by the amount of flower crown shops that now existed. And so letter resin necklaces were born! 

The name Tulip + Olive is for April’s twin daughters, Mila (tulip) and Olivia (olive).